Hot Weather Pant

It’s hot as hell outside! 

Summer is in full swing and that humidity level is no joke. I’d love to say I’m just going to wear shorts everyday for the next three months, but that’s not realistic. I have to actually see people and be a professional human being. 

That or cancel every meeting and stand in front of my air conditioner 24/7… still highly considering that option. 

If you have spent time in NYC in the Summer months, you know the subway platforms can push 100 degrees or more. It’s like a sauna. My old day job had a 3 piece dress code too (meaning: if I was wearing denim, I’d have to wear a button down, a blazer and a tie…. even in the Summer). By the time I got to work I was a pool of sweat.

Not cute. 

And I very much prefer working for myself and making up my own dress code.

DU/ER Hot Weather Pant
DU/ER Hot Weather Pant
DU/ER Hot Weather Pant

Fast forward to today. Dish and DUER are running a kickstarter for a “Hot Weather Pant” that will solve all of that. There are three different styles for men all made from a new type of fabric: a blend of cotton, spandex, polyester and tencel. 

Cotton for breathability, spandex for stretch (they’re crazy comfortable), and polyester for strength. Tencel is a natural manmade fiber derived from tree pulp. You see it a lot these days in performance underwear, actually. It wicks moisture away from your body, naturally resists odor and shields from bacteria. It’s also one of the most sustainable manmade fibers since it’s a product of eucalyptus trees (which grow incredibly quick). It’s kind of an incredible fiber.

DU/ER Hot Weather Pant
DU/ER Hot Weather Pant
DU/ER Hot Weather Pant

The style I’m wearing here is the A/C Pant. On top of all the fabric benefits above, they have hidden vents on each leg for when the temperature really spikes, there’s a gusset built into the legs for mobility, a D-ring for your keys and anti-theft pockets to secure your wallet.

Basically, “Go-go gadget a/c pant!”

What more could you need? Dish and Duer is a brand I have loved for a long time. I posted about their joggers back in November and have kept up with their Kickstarters ever since.

DU/ER Hot Weather Pant

Click the link below to see the full line of Hot Weather Pants. They range from joggers, to adventure pants, to the denim style I’m wearing here. The Kickstarter ends on the 11th, so nab a pair while they’re still offering the promo rate!

Stay cool out there!

Dish and DUER kickstarter page

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*This post is in collaboration with Dish and DUER. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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