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Beacon Hill | The Modern Otter
Hugo Boss watch | The Modern Otter

People overcomplicate ‘style’. 

In my book, style is simply the ability to put things together in a pleasing way. That doesn’t mean adding extra layers, mixing every print, donning every accessory… it just means looking good.

And that’s not difficult, especially when you create your own set of rules. 

My rule? Stick with the classics. 

Solid denim, slim trousers (in neutral colors), grey suits, grey and white tees, denim jackets and leather bombers. 

With those things, I’m ready for any occasion.

Hugo Boss Watch
Hugo Boss Watch | The Modern Otter

You don’t have to be over-dressed to be stylish either. You can look polished in a t-shirt and jeans if they’re the right color and cut.

Be careful not to mistake classic with boring. The style icons you remember and the men you look up to all have/had a “classic style”. 

Think: James Dean, Cary Grant, James Bond, Tom Ford, Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando

These men were gentlemen. They inspired fashion trends and always looked so damn cool, without being overstated.

Hugo Boss Watch | The Modern Otter
Hugo Boss Watch | The Modern Otter
Hugo Boss Watch | The Modern Oter

This weekend, I teamed up with Hugo Boss to style their Jackson Slim Ultra watch. It has those same sophisticated and classic details I love with a modern edge. 

Particularly with watches, you want something you can wear with everything. 

A classic silhouette that pairs just as easily with a suit as with denim. I’m not a huge fan of thick wrist-wear, so the slim profile of this watch is perfect. It’s refined (i.e. free of extra dials and flashy buttons) yet modern with the black-on-black face and strap. 

I used the watch as a jumping off point for this greyscale look: grey tee, white chinos and black backpack. It’s a casual look but the tight color palette, clean lines and sleek watch keep it refined.

Hugo Boss Watch | The Modern Otter
Hugo Boss Watch | The Modern Otter
Beacon Hill | The Modern Otter
Hugo Boss Watch | The Modern Otter

We wandered around Boston’s Beacon Hill for the afternoon before heading back to NYC. It’s the old old section of Boston with cobblestone streets and homes that were built hundreds of years ago. I love it because it’s rugged and refined at the same time. Words I use to inspire my styling choices. 

Classic, rugged, refined.

What are your thoughts on style and watches? Do you prefer classic and refined, or bold and trendy?


Hugo Boss watch / Mitchell Evan t-shirt / Club Monaco chino / Onitsuka sneakers / Buscemi PHD backpack


*This post is in collaboration with Hugo Boss. All views and opinions expressed here are my own.
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