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I feel like every year the nautical trend gets bigger and bigger.

We all get tired of the extended Winter and escape (literally and figuratively) to warmer beach climates. We ditch the dark colors for something a little more optimistic. And that's great! Break out of your gloom a little. Warm weather is on the horizon.

Let me break down what makes up a well formed nautical look though... because you shouldn't look like you own a light house or fish for crabs. You want optimistic and sophisticated. 

The two main components are stripes and polkadots; two easy patterns to incorporate with your usual wardrobe. Resort-wear collections come out in January/February, so most sweaters are cotton based, letting you ride Winter right into Spring. Keep it simple though! One piece with bold stripes or dots will do the trick. A striped t-shirt, a color block peacoat, a polkadot shirt, an anchor tie clip. Most will be in a variation of navy, grey and white, but it's an easy trend to throw color into because of the stripe. 

Peacoats originated on the seas. European and American sailors wore them in the 1700's,  and you really can't go wrong with a Navy peacoat. I should have one myself but my closet is a little over-assorted with outerwear at the moment and I opted for this hunter green version instead. I thought it was just enough of a twist on the standard silhouette to stand out. 

I told you to wear one nautical piece and here I am wearing two... but the joggers keep things grounded.... and I never much care for fashion rules anyway. You do you.

I realize a lot of people probably wear these items without associating them with the "nautical" trend. It's just a sweater you happened to purchase in January that has navy stripes on it. But keep your eyes open. When you go shopping and think about beaches and warmer weather, you will start to see it's influence in most stores this time of year. It's the switch that helps guide us into warmer clothing.

You can be layered up while still looking cool and ready for a vacation. 

No, but really. Who wants to go on a vacation?!?


Bonobos sweater / Club Monaco Peacoat (similar here and here)/ J-Crew joggers and oxford shirt/ Breda watch

Aaron Wester