Fall? Is That You?

We’re almost there!!

When we shot this, it was 73 degrees in SoHo. A few days later it was 93, then back down to 76. Mother Nature is impossibly imperfect. But retail (and the fashion industry) change before the weather, so I’m already investing in boots and itching to pull out my heavier layers. 

In the meantime (i.e. the next two-three weeks), we’ll be diving into ‘Transitional Layers’. Cuz you’re probably cold at night and cold in your office air conditioning, but hot on the Subway platform or in direct sunlight. #neversatisfied

Transitional Layering | The Modern Otter
Transitional Layering | The Modern Otter

I honestly have such a hard time dressing this time of year. At the end of Summer, I’m tired of wearing short sleeve button down shirts and t-shirts. It just feels redundant and boring. 

And there’s only so many ‘novelty knits’ in the world! 

But Fall is my jam! Style is so much more interesting when you can layer and add texture and depth. Anyone can wear a short sleeve floral shirt, but are you savvy enough to pair 4 different layers together in a compelling way?


We’re not quite there yet though… so here’s the formula I went with for today’s look: 

Cropped pants with no-show socks (cuz Summer), 

striped t-shirt (cuz Summer), 

and a lightweight short field jacket (cuz almost-Fall).

Transitional Layering | The Modern Otter
Transitional Layering | The Modern Otter

I tend to lean more towards lightweight jackets than sweaters this time of year. I find you get more dimension to a look because you can see all of the layers at once. 

This jacket is thin enough to roll the sleeves— which is key to early-Fall layering. The drop crotch pants and striped tee would be fine on their own, but now I have options!


When I say ‘lightweight jacket’, this is really what I mean:

-Denim Jacket(s)

-Short rain jacket or windbreaker

-Field Jacket- waist length or mid-thigh

-Harrington Jacket


Anything that is thin enough to push up the sleeves.

*I avoid trench coats because I don’t work in a corporate field and I find them a little stuffy, but they have their merit and can be really cool. They’re the best option when layering over a suit… but it’s too early for all that.

Transitional Layering | The Modern Otter
Transitional Layering | The Modern Otter

So what is your secret to ‘Transitional Layering’?? Do you opt for sweatshirts or sweaters over lightweight jackets? Do you wear sweaters with shorts? Or do you just deal with the imperfect temps like any other day of Summer?

Cuz I am SO over t-shirts, shorts and short sleeve button downs.

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