Dark Night

The Modern Otter | #ExpressDenim
The Modern Otter | #ExpressDenim
The Modern Otter | #ExpressDenim
The Modern Otter | #ExpressDenim

I can count the number of black items I own on one hand. 

Navy? yes. Grey? obviously. Black? not so much.

But I felt inspired today! The idea of an all black outfit with brown accessories is just fresh. It's such a simple idea but when you put it all together, it's somehow polished and cool. I mean, I'm just wearing a t-shirt and denim- nothing complicated.

The loafers help, I suppose.

So many New Yorkers live in a world of black. Come Winter, the city is just a sea of black coats. I think I subconsciously just avoid the color to be different. A little lighter, if you will. But you can't stay set in your ways forever! Gotta mix it up!

I see a lot more black in the future!

What do you think? Do black and brown work together?

Express denim / Club Monaco tee / Banana Republic loafers

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