Why Cashmere?

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Let’s talk cashmere.

What is it? Why the hell is it so expensive? And why do you need it in your closet?

cuz you do…

For today’s post, I teamed up with Neiman Marcus to style a few luxury casual pieces, including this incredible cashmere turtleneck from Michael Kors. In honor of International Men’s Day on Nov. 19th (and Thanksgiving), Neiman Marcus is offering 40% off regular prices in select Better Apparel! You can shop the whole sale HERE, or scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to see my favorites!

Fall City Style

First thing to know, cashmere comes from a goat. A Kashmir goat, to be specific. 

Well, the name comes from the Kashmir region in India and Pakistan, but there are cashmere goats all over the world at this point, so your sweater might not come specifically from that breed.

It is technically a wool, but it’s thinner, softer and stronger than sheep’s wool. The softest fibers coming from the neck and underbelly of the goat.

Why is that important? 

Because the thickness, softness and length of the cashmere fiber determine it’s quality which in turn, determine it’s price.

Fall City Style

You can buy a cashmere sweater at Uniqlo, but it won’t be the same quality as one that you buy at Neiman Marcus. With long fibers, you can make extremely thin and strong fabrics without the worry of it pilling. There are even breathable cashmere t-shirts on the market that are even more comfy than cotton. 

Cashmere also lasts longer! I have a cashmere turtleneck in my closet from 8 years ago that still looks brand new, and I wear the crap out it! So when we talk about ‘investment pieces’, it’s right at the top of my list, next to outerwear and bags. I allow myself to splurge on one expensive coat each Winter, I haven’t been able to limit myself on sweaters and bags yet. ;P

So. Reasons you should invest in cashmere? 

It’s crazy soft, it will last longer and holds up better than wool, and it’s just plain beautiful. 

Plus, you can find it 40% off at Neiman Marcus. Jump on that!

Fall City Style



Fall City Style

My 40% Off Faves:

*This post is in partnership with Neiman Marcus. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. 

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