#IdidNOTwakeuplikethis- a low effort guide to hair

I’m starting a new Product Review Series on the blog! #OtterReviews

(consider this the first official entry)

#ididnotwakeuplikethis - a low effort guide to hair

I’m obsessed with grooming products. Give me every clay mask, every cream and every wrinkle remover on the market if it will keep me from aging another day. I found my first gray hair in my beard last week! I’m not against a little salt and pepper… I just thought I had a few more years in me before they would appear! 

I have hit a crossroad though— I love the grooming products I currently use, but I want to continue trying new ones and share my experience with you. I’m a blogger, after all. It’s less about endorsement, but more about sharing my honest opinion of them. The more informed I am, the better I can be at recommending brands to you guys. It might not be perfect for my skin, but it might be just what you need.

The series will include a mixture of some sponsored collaborations, but also many products I’m just curious about (like those black face masks I see everyone on social using these days— what IS that??)

For today’s grooming review, I teamed up with Old Spice to try out their new hair product line. I had no idea the brand made hair products, and I’ll admit, hair is one of those areas that I think very little about. I’m willing to spend 10 minutes putting on creams, toners and under-eye serums, but I only want to spend 60 seconds MAX doing my hair.

Old Spice Pomade Review | The Modern Otter
Old Spice Pomade Review | The Modern Otter
Old Spice Pomade Review | The Modern Otter

Here is what my daily hair routine looks like: towel dry it after the shower, put a small amount of pomade in it while it’s still damp, and blow dry it back (and slightly to the right) with a flat comb.

That’s it. 60 seconds.

After that, I kinda just let it do its thing throughout the day. The pomade is light enough that I can run my hands through my hair, but it holds its general shape well. 

Old Spice has two great hair products: a Pomade and a Putty. The pomade is more my speed: medium hold and matte finish, perfect for clean cut and easy looks. The putty sounds like it’s better suited for shorter hair. It has a high hold and matte finish. If you want a constantly disheveled look or slicked down hair, that’s probably the product for you.

I can honestly say, I really like the Pomade so far. It’s more of a solid-cream than a wax, so it’s easy to work into your hair. It also has a clean, fresh smell. Like a soft cologne. And It’s crazy affordable! My other pomades are like $25 a jar-- this is a fraction of that.

Old Spice Pomade Review | The Modern Otter
Old Spice Pomade Review | The Modern Otter

So, to sum up, I would say the Old Spice Pomade (and probably the Putty too) is perfect if you want something effortless. It goes in easy, it smells good, and it does the trick. Check check check.

Shop the whole line-up over on Amazon.

What other grooming products should I check out for this series? Let me know in the comments below! I already have black masks, night time face cream (I’m curious how it’s different than daytime cream), and face oil on my list. 

*This post is in partnership with Old Spice, but all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand.

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