What's In My Dopp Kit?!

I'm on a constant quest to prevent any sign of aging!!!

It's an impossible task, but I'm sticking to it. Thanks to a ton of product testing, I have a short list of grooming products that I LOVE and take with me wherever I go. It may sound like a lot when you dig through this post, but my daily routine is fairly simple:

1- Exfoliate my face / wash my body

2- Shave / Trim

3- Moisturize** 

4- Brush my teeth

5- Put on deodorant and cologne

** Twice a week I will do a mask of some sort (cream, charcoal, goop or eye mask)


So let's dive in! Here is a list of all the products I'm loving at the moment and why I think they're great.

Modern Otter Grooming | What's In My Dopp Kit
Modern Otter Grooming | What's In My Dopp Kit

Cleansers / Exfoliants / Masks:

Baxter Facial Scrub- I have written about this one before (and clearly use it a ton since the tube is empty). I love the grittiness of the scrub. It has ground up walnuts in it, but it doesn't irritate my skin. It just really gets into my pores for a deep clean. I wouldn't advice it for sensitive skin, but if you have giant saucer pores like me, go to town.

Clarisonic Alpha- This little machine is the perfect shower facial tool! It's waterproof so you can leave it in there next to your soap! I use it with the Aésop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser on the days I'm not using the Baxter Scrub for a more gentle cleanse.

Clinique Charcoal Mask- This is one of those once/twice a week masks. It leaves your skin nice and smooth and dries quickly. I like it better than most of the other clay masks out there. Plus it's charcoal, so it looks cool. 

Herbivore Blue Tansy- This is a goopy, weird mask. It smells kind of funny, but my skin always feels soft afterwards. I'd say give it a try if you're looking for something outside of the aforementioned clay/charcoal realm. 

Shiseido WrinkleResist 24 Eye Masks- I live and die for these!! If I wake up looking like hell or just feel crappy, I'll throw these on for awhile and instantly look better. I find they reduce my dark circles and my skin feel incredible after, so they must work, right?! Whatever magic is in them, I want it on my face all the time. 

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Peel Pads- I have only used these a few times, but have loved the results. It's a two step peel. You rub one pad all over your face, wait a little bit, then rub the second. I found my skin was a little tighter and definitely softer afterward.

Aésop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser and Rind Concentrate Body Balm- I think you either have to go into the store to get the travel size of these, or buy one of the travel kits. Aésop is basically the fountain of youth. My partner, Mike, and I are obsessed with their products and I have to stop myself from spending my every last penny in their store. I carry these little bottles when I'm traveling to an AirBnB or a hotel with questionable toiletries. They're the perfect little body wash and body moisturizer.  

Modern Otter Grooming | What's In My Dopp Kit


ConairMan All-in-1 Trimmer- If you haven't seen on Insta just yet, I teamed up with ConairMan on an ongoing project to discuss all things grooming and shaving! This post is completely unrelated (lol), but their tools are still an integral part of my daily routine. I use this trimmer to keep my stubble tight and for quick body maintenance on the road. I have another tool (the Personal Grooming Tool) at home that I use once a week for my ear, nose and everywhere else.

Truman's Shave Cream- I have a hard time finding a shave cream with a consistency that I like. Most of them are either too thick or too watery, but this one is just right. I use it with my Baxter Badger Shave Brush. Goes on quick and comes off smooth!

Tom Ford Shave Oil- I left a Tom Ford facial scrub in a hotel once and almost lost my mind. His products smell incredible and are so light and simple. I only shave my neck, so I'm hoping this bottle lasts me forever. ::fingers crossed::

and TBH, I use a Schick Hydro razor when shaving. I hate the ones from the subscription companies and the safety razors freak me out. It's not glamorous, but it is effective. 

Modern Otter Grooming | What's In My Dopp Kit


Aésop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum- AGAIN with the Aésop. For the Summer, I wanted a moisturizer that wasn't thick and heavy. I hate feeling greasy when it's hot outside. It's gross. So I switch my moisturizer and my eye cream over to a serum instead of a cream. Aésop makes a lot of their products in both, but the Parsley Seed line is my favorite.

Lqd Eye Restore- This was my eye counterpart to the facial serum. A little goes a long way, so feel free to rub the extra on your neck! Fight those wrinkles wherever you can! Lqd's body wash is also a great one for home!

Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Gel- Even 30+ year olds get pimples. I was tipped onto this product by a Youtuber! If you have a pimple or feel one coming on, just dab this on it before bed and it reduces the swelling and makes it go away faster. I'm totally on board! 

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Oil-Free Moisture Cushion- This is my favorite moisturizer right now! It's a gel/cream, but your skin soaks it up rather than it just sitting on top. I think it will be perfect as it gets colder outside and my skin needs extra hydration. 

Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Eye Cream- Again, my skin soaks this up like butter. It's great! They'll be my go-to's for eye and face this season. All of the Dr. Dennis Gross products, the dopp kit and the Diptyque fragrance are from SpaceNK!

Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System- That's just a fancy way of saying it's a mist you spray on your face. Amore Pacific is another brand I would recommend purchasing the travel pack from. You get to try a little of everything and the small bottles last you ages. I use this mist right after I get off the plane, when my skin is super dehydratedIt doen't help with 3 hours of screaming babies in a confined space, but it will help you feel fresh and hydrated.

Modern Otter Grooming | What's In My Dopp Kit

Everything Else:

Goby Toothbrush- I'm not into subscription razors, but I am into electric toothbrushes with subscription heads. Goby will send you replacement toothbrush heads when it's time to switch yours out and it comes with a sleek charging stand and travel case. It's a hell of a lot nicer than a bright blue drug store toothbrush.

Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder- Activated Charcoal is super trendy right now, but it actually works on your teeth!! I brush my teeth with this powder after my usual routine and it helps whiten and remove staining. I'm not convinced you should be drinking charcoal or using charcoal soap and charcoal toothbrushes, but this powder works.

Baxter Of California Clay Pomade- My go-to hair product for like 5 years running. It's a medium hold pomade and works great for my longer hair. 

Diptyque Vetyverio- I go between three fragrances: Creed Millesime Imperial, Le Labo Santal 33 and Diptyque Vetyverio. All three are pretty light compared to most men's fragrances. The Diptyque is definitely the lightest and easiest to wear for someone like me who doesn't wear cologne often.

Modern Otter Grooming | What's In My Dopp Kit

And that's it! That's my list of current grooming favorites. I'm sure it will change and I'll add and subtract, but all of this (surprisingly) fits in my dopp kit. So I'm ready for a spa day on my next #OtterExpedition!

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