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The Modern Otter | Belber
The Modern Otter | Belber
The Modern Otter | Belber
The Modern Otter | Belber
The Modern Otter | Belber
The Modern Otter | Belber

I don’t really wear color (in case you hadn’t noticed). I stick to a solid base of grey and navy. Occasionally I’ll venture out with hunter green or burgundy. 

WILD, I know. 

But then I saw this bag. 

This gorgeous, “African Blue” Tribeca Tote from Belber. And I had to have it. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like a bright red or some crazy animal print. It’s sensible. A timeless cobalt blue that basically goes with everything in my closet. So it’s completely justified. But it’s considerably brighter than all my other bags. Just sayin’.

When you’re looking for a bag, there are a few bases you need to cover: Will it carry everything I need for the day? Will it go with most of what I wear on a regular basis? And is it high quality?

Check, check and check.

Belber has been making high quality trunks and luggage since 1891. (If they were still making trunks, I would have grabbed one of those too. I’m obsessed with the idea of traveling with a steamer trunk. Just me?) 

Nowadays, Belber has a collection of unisex bags for what they call the “urban nomad”. We’re always on the go. In an Insta-world, you can go from your desk to another continent in an instant. The key is to have travel-ready gear worthy of the travel pics. 

I have some big trips planned this year, and you better believe that will be top of mind.

Thank god I have my blue tote! Now I just have to find a steamer trunk.

Belber Tribeca tote (in black) / Theory coat / SuperDry sweater / Club Monaco white denim (similar) / Slate & Stone sneakers / Ray-ban sunglasses

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