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The Modern Otter | Strong Suit
The Modern Otter | Strong Suit
The Modern Otter | Strong Suit
The Modern Otter | Strong Suit
The Modern Otter | Strong Suit
The Modern Otter | Strong Suit
The Modern Otter | Henley Bond

Don’t mess with the classics! A grey suit will never go out of style… as long as it fits perfectly.

Fit is one of my biggest pet peeves. A man in an ill-fit suit just really really bothers me.

If a man is wearing a well tailored suit, he looks important, powerful, sexy. Like he’s going places. A man in a poorly tailored suit looks like a college kid wearing his dad’s hand-me-downs. It’s sad.

So how do you know if a suit fits?

First, start with the shoulders. It’s the one thing on a suit that a tailor shouldn’t alter. The shoulder seam should hit right at the end of your natural shoulder. It it hangs past, it’s too big. If it touches your collar bone, it’s too small. And ideally, the fabric on the arm should hangs straight down without creasing. 

For the rest… see a tailor. 

Even if you think you pulled a suit off the rack and it “fits perfectly”, see a tailor.

I find most guys purchase suits that are too long in the arms and torso or they let their pants pool on top of their shoes. It’s a sloppy look. When in doubt, go shorter (and slimmer) than you think. You should be able to see 1/4”-1/2” of your shirt sleeve at your cuff.

Your blazer DOES NOT need to touch the joint of your thumb. If it does, it’s too long. 

And that rule about being able to cup your hands under your blazer when your arms are by your side is misleading. Guys with shorter legs and longer torsos should opt for a slightly shorter jacket to balance out their proportions. That doesn’t always align with the “cupping rule”. If you don't know what the cupping rule is, good. Forget I said anything.

This grey suit is from Strong Suit, a brand that produces extremely high quality suits for an affordable price. I naturally grabbed the grey flannel, and they tailored it to perfection for me. Check out their site for their full collection or hit up your local Nordstrom! 

Speaking of perfectly tailored. All I had to do was take a few measurements on my own to get this custom shirt! Henley Bond offers completely made-to-measure shirting. I have owned custom shirts in the past and none of them have fit this well. Do yourself a favor and pick up a measuring tape from your local drug store. There is a whole world of custom clothing out there and it’s so easy to access online! Head over to to see for yourself. 

My biggest tip: make your tailor (digital or real) your new best friend.

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