Fall Bedroom Refresh

I’m no Martha Stewart, but a little home decor update can go a long way in keeping you happy in your apartment. 

I change a few things every season. Nothing crazy, just a few tchochkes and my bedding. This past Spring, I teamed up with Lacoste Home to overhaul my bedroom. We went with a patterned grey comforter and a bright pop of yellow! 

I kinda hate bright colors in general, so that was a bold move for me! But with the soft grey bedding and dark navy wall, it really made the room come together. I’m still considering a pop of color for the living room (burgundy?) … but we’ll see about that. 

Fall Bedroom Refresh | Lacoste Home


After sleeping with yellow for a season though, I’m ready to bring back my dark greys!! I joined forces with Lacoste once more and landed on this Washed Solid Duvet and Sham set in Castlerock (grey) and Percale Sheets in White. They’re part of Lacoste’s brand new line of washed cotton bedding. I’ve only slept with them for a few days now, but I am obsessed. They feel crisp and cozy.

You know that feeling when you flip your pillow over in the middle of the night to get the cool side on your face? These sheets give you that all over your body. A satisfying clean and cool feeling. 

I prefer duvets too. I like the weight of the sheets in the Fall and Winter. Add a fur throw and I’m ready for all the Netflix and chill.

And God forbid I do a photoshoot in my bedroom without matching the color scheme. 

I picked up this navy Intarsia Lacoste sweater to match. That’s one thing Lacoste does a great job at: tying their bedding collections in with their current clothing lines. The square white pillow is made from the same knit material they use in their shirts! It’s really well thought out.

Add in a few pots from West Elm, and my room is set for A/W 16!

Now, on to the living room!!

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