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AG Jeans Indigo Knit Collection

I call them "novelty pants". 

Basically anything that isn't a chino or denim. 

Jeans and chinos are easy. They're the staples in your closet that are easy to find at every retailer and will never go out of style. They're your work horses. 

But you have to hunt for novelty pants... and that's where the fun is for me! I love roaming through stores and scrolling through websites looking for pants with interesting details. Slim cargo pockets, double pleats, nubby wool fabrics, hidden pockets, zippers, or built-in belts. 

For one, they're more interesting to photograph, but they're also just more interesting in life. People don't generally ask "Where did you get those jeans". But they will be curious when you're wearing a double-pleated, belted, indigo-dyed, cropped pant. 

It might not be for everyone, but pleated and cropped is my JAM right now!

I had my eyes on a double-pleated heathered wool pant at J.Crew last week, but the Black Friday sale wiped em out before I could nab one. So let me know if you see something like it elsewhere! 

These pants are from AG Jeans' Indigo Knit Collection. AG is known for their denim, but this capsule collection is a range of novelty pants, jump suits, jackets, sweaters and tees that are all deeply saturated with Indigo. They come with a warning that the indigo tends to frock (rub off) and not to wear them with lighter colors, but I'll be damned if I listen! I washed em once and they seem good to go. 

I also bought the Indigo turtleneck, so stay tuned for that in a post sometime soon. ;)

AG Jeans Indigo Knit Collection


AG Jeans Indigo Knit Collection
AG Jeans Indigo Knit Collection

P.S. This is actually where I went to college! It's my favorite place in AZ to shoot. The Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. You can't beat the lighting on those stairs!

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