Back-To-College Checklist

Real talk:

I’m addicted to online quizzes


One of my hardest times in life was finding out I’m a Ravenclaw, after spending years convinced I was a Gryffindor! 

I mean, it wasn’t that difficult a time… but I was in pretty big denial.

I’m also Simba, Price Phillip, Spiderman, Ron, the color blue and Barb’s Abandoned Car. (Which Inanimate Object From “Stranger Things” Are You?)


I know. None of that information is actually useful. It’s just a way to kill some time and put off a deadline. (Something I was FANTASTIC at in college and have continued into my adult life.)

But quizzes are fun all the same.

I’m a few years out of college now (6 to be exact…), and a few years wiser. I have learned that taking care of your body and hair is actually important. That the type of shampoo you use can prevent hair loss. That crows feet start forming WAY too early, and that moisturizer is a necessity, not an option. 

Most of that is a result of aging, but style is a key motivator too. I wasn’t using the right kind of hair product in college. Are you right now? How do you know??

I went through like 20 in 5 years before finding one I like.

To help us all out, I partnered up with Target and their Back-To-College Quiz. It's designed to build you a personalized checklist with products you need to look your best. It takes into account hair type, skin type... even how you like to smell.

I took the quiz myself and scored the Dove Men items you see here (among other Unilever products). Shampoo formulated to strengthen my hair, deodorant that smells fresh (the way I like it), and styling paste for a light and easy look. 

So if you’re heading back to college, or if you just need some help navigating the world of personal care, click the link below and take the quiz!

Then go take the "Stranger Things" one... cuz I wanna know who the coke can is.


*This post is in collaboration with Mirum Shopper and Unilever. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. 

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