Ankles Out!

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Zappos x Dockers | The Modern Otter

I’m not afraid to show a little ankle, even in the dead of winter! It sounds like a simple style choice, but I think a lot of guys are still uncomfortable with a cropped pant. The idea of having their ankles out (no matter the season) is a bit odd. I agree, it definitely makes you stand out, but I’m here for it. Living in New York, I see more and more men baring their ankles in bold fashion. It’s quirky, and especially unexpected when wearing a sweater and jacket.

I do have a few style tips though for exposing your ankles:

  1. Don’t show too much. A cropped pant is cute, but I have long legs, so if the trouser is too short, I look like I went shopping in the little boys section. A few inches of skin is all you need.

  2. Play with proportion. I paired my cropped pants with a cropped jacket for this look. The combo reinforces the overall idea and feels more playful than if I wore a 3/4 length jacket. I sometimes wear a full turtleneck and long coat with my ankles out, but that’s not exactly an everyday outfit. I just like the idea of my whole body being covered up except my ankles, like a scandalous Victorian woman. ;)

  3. Wear socks! I only ever go sock-less in sandals and boat shoes. I’m wearing no-show socks here that are cut below the line of the shoe. There’s no reason to stink up your shoes by going without.

  4. Wear statement shoes. Wearing cropped pants instantly draws the eye down to your shoes, so the look won’t work if you’re wearing grubby sneakers. Try something a bit more polished or playful!

Zappos x Dockers | The Modern Otter
Zappos x Dockers | The Modern Otter

These Dockers Elon Oxfords are from Zappos, and hit that perfect balance between dressed up and laid back. They have the polish of a classic Oxford, but the built in knit sock liner gives them a sport edge. I find Oxfords often dig into my heel when I’m wearing no-show socks, so this sock liner makes them crazy comfortable. I also loved how the tan detailing on the sole tied in with the jacket and sweater. It pulled the whole look together.

The rubber sole also has a zig-zag shape, which you don’t find in your standard dress shoe. Check em out on Zappos here!

So what’s your vote? Are you for ankles, or do you prefer a full length trouser??

Zappos x Dockers | The Modern Otter
Zappos x Dockers | The Modern Otter
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