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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Native. The opinions and text are all mine.

Native Deodorant | The Modern Otter

It’s finally spring!! That means it’s time to:

-Switch out my bedding, refresh a few home accessories and bring a bit more color into the apartment!

-Pack all of my winter coats away and start SHOPPING like crazy for the warmer weather (I’m leaning heavy into knit button downs this year).

-And change out my heavy winter moisturizers to something a bit more lightweight (my skin needs a lot of support in the winter, but a serum goes a long way in the summer months).

Shaking off the winter blues and refreshing the apartment had me thinking about everything else in my medicine cabinet. Grooming and skincare is super important to me (it’s a basic requirement for a lifestyle blogger) and over the years, I have narrowed down which products are perfect for my skin. A lot of them are pricier than your run-of-the-mill drug store finds, but I think investing in yourself is incredibly important, not only to your appearance, but your overall happiness.

I was seeing a lot of skin irritation on my neck after I shaved, so I switched my shaving products to a formula designed especially for sensitive skin. One simple swap made all the difference in the world to my skin. I also started using a pre-moisturizing serum with hyaluronic acid and my face instantly retained more moisture and looked more even.

With my skincare is locked in, now I’m looking at my deodorant….

Native Deodorant | The Modern Otter

I have been using the same deodorant since high school. Same brand, same scent. Not because of brand loyalty or because I particularly love the scent, it’s just all I knew. Then Native came along and challenged me to think differently!! Native is an all-natural deodorant that combats odor without aluminum, parabens or sulfates.

Native’s uses all-natural ingredients to combat odor, and unlike most natural deodorants, actually works and smells great. My favorite scent is the Eucalyptus & Mint, because it’s super fresh and clean, but they also carry: Charcoal, Citrus & Herbal Musk, Cucumber & Mint and an Unscented deodorant. All of which are available on their website or at Target. Native has over 5000 five-star reviews, so you know they’re awesome.

Check out their entire product line up here!

Native Deodorant | The Modern Otter
Native Deodorant | The Modern Otter

Moral of the story:

When you’re taking a moment to refresh your medicine cabinet this spring and explore new products, consider what is actually in them. Just because they’re something you have used for ages, doesn’t mean it’s good for you, and doesn’t mean it’s effective.

Try a more natural alternative with Native and see what the five-star buzz is all about. ;)

Native Deodorant | The Modern Otter
Native Deodorant | The Modern Otter
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