A Few of My Favorite Things- A Holiday Gift Guide

I hadn't planned on doing a gift guide this year, but there are a small handful of brands that I just really love this year! They either have really fantastic products, or benefit a really great cause. I thought it would be special to tell the story behind some of their products and why they're my favorite things! 

Holiday Gift Guide

Sommer House Granola- OK, legit the best granola I have ever had in my ENTIRE life. It's a game changer. It's the perfect mixture of salty and sweet and a great gift for a foodie or breakfast fanatic. I don't even add milk. I just snack on it like popcorn.

I first had it in a Robb Vices box (another great holiday gift for the person who has everything), and I haven't stopped thinking about it since! I'm gifting two to my family and keeping one for myself!

It's made in small batch (the batch number is literally hand written on the side of the jar) in LA. Wanna support small business? Buy granola!

WOOLN alpaca/merino cap- WOOLN is a super cute brand. All of their hats are knit by NYC grandmothers!

Their objective is not only to tap into lost talents and bring seniors back into the active work force, but to open a dialogue about where and how your goods are produced. You can read bios about each of their knitters on their website and each cap comes with a tag to let you know who made yours. All of the caps are made from extremely high quality yarns (cashmere, merino and alpaca).

You can feel good knowing where your gift came from and hear the story behind the grandmother who made it! How adorable!

L.G.R. sunglasses - I'm a sucker for a great pair of sunglasses. These are on the pricier side at $395, but I'm a part of a great subscription company called DITTO that solves that. It's like "Netflix for your face" (if you're one of those people who still gets DVD's sent to your house). 

For $24 a month, you can send/wear/exchange as many pairs of luxury sunglasses as you want! You can try out new styles and if you find one you love, just keep it forever! Or at the very least a couple of months. 

I'm sure this is what Rent The Runway or one of those handbags trading services is like, but to me it was a completely new and fun thing. Use code 'THEMODERNOTTER' to get your first month free! I'd say it's a great gift for a fashion minded guy or someone who lives where it's sunny all the time. ;)

Coach Manhattan Foldover Tote- Coach is killing it right now. I was already obsessed with their outerwear this season (see my post from Iceland!), but they're backpacks, totes and shoes are on point too. 

I can do without Rexy the dino, as cute as she is, but give me patchwork suede and pebbled leather all day every day. 

Coach has been my go-to gift spot for my dad, brother, fiancé and co-workers for years because of their range of leather goods at all price points. I'd say this bag hits the "boyfriend" price point. Wallet for the brother and key fob for the co-worker.

Shearling for yourself.  

Putnam & Putnam Mythos Candle- Our favorite florists, Putnam & Putnam, have a flower shop inside the Club Monaco store on 5th Ave in NYC. They're known for their incredible instillations and asymmetrical flower arrangements (you can see their work in this month's Martha Stewart Living and at the biggest and chicest events all over the city). 

They just came out with their own line of candles (available online) and Mike and I are obsessed! In a month, we bought 4 for the apartment and I burn Mythos at my desk every single day. It's earthly and rich... everything you want a manly candle to be without smoke, tobacco or whiskey added to the equation. 

They're also a freakin adorable couple. They're like the Gay American Dream. 

Same Sky bracelet- This is another gift that benefits a great cause. Same Sky is a trade initiative which works with collectives in Rwanda and New Jersey.

All of the pieces are made by either genocide survivors or ex-offenders who are provided training, an education and the ability to support themselves through the production of jewelry. 

Their men's collection is limited, but there are great beaded styles for women. It's a gift with a great story and that's always better in my book.

Holiday Gift Guide

Watch Roll- This is a perfect gift if the guy travels often and owns multiple watches. 

Before I owned one myself I would either throw my watches in my dopp kit (and hope they didn't get covered in toothpaste or cream) or keep them in their original box.

Both lame options. 

Dapper guys need a tie case for traveling, every guy needs a watch roll.

Plus, you looked chic AF traveling with it.

Urbanears Plattan Wireless Headphones- They're 5-star rated and have Bluetooth, swipe controls, a built-in microphone, a headband and ear cushions that are machine washable AND they come in 13 colors.

And they're 1/4 the cost of Beats... so like, duh.

**Note: the Plattan II launches on Dec 13th! 

Le Labo eau de parfum- "A man and his horse in front of the fire on a great plain under tall, blue evening skies... A defining image of the spirit of the American West with all it implied about masculinity and personal freedom. This man, firelight in his face, leaning on the worn leather saddle, alone with the desert wind, an icon so powerful that every man wanted to be him... From this memory is born SANTAL 33"

Like, what?! I wanna smell like that!

If you're not familiar with Le Labo, they're an NY based luxury perfume brand sold in Barneys and Saks, with boutiques all over the world. Wanna impress a guy with amazing cologne and have his name printed on the actual bottle? Go to Le Labo.  

Triton RAW Ring- When I was looking at wedding rings, I had an impossible time finding a ring with a matte finish. All of the rings out there are high-shine silver or gold. Which is totally fine, but I wanted something a little more original. 

Mike and I found another design we love, but in the process, I found Triton. They're a brand who is innovating the look of men's jewelry. This ring is made from tungsten carbide and the outside is left in it's raw form. It's matte and almost looks like cement or gritty metal. It's masculine and cool. Their RAW collection also offers rings with highly polished nano-tech interiors in gold or tungsten. 

A great wedding ring option, but it's also great for guys who like wearing jewelry in general. Worn on the right hand or a middle finger, it's a cool piece and conversation starter.

Oppermann London Card Case- I hate big wallets. Do you really need to carry around 30 credit cards and restaurant receipts?

Stop it. 

Card cases are slim and barely noticeable in your back pocket. This one from Oppermann is made from Italian leather and you get have it monogrammed. I just switched my 6 cards from a black Lacoste card case over to this one, and It's my new fave.

Oppermann also has a great range of polished briefcases for the sartorially savvy guy!

Tommy Bahama Chronograph Watch- I wrote a post before Father's Day about the insane assortment of gift options at Tommy Bahama, so obviously I came back to them for the holidays! 

Tommy has everything from tech goods to barware, grills, and surfboards... in addition to their clothing and accessories. It's a great option for dads and brothers. 

This chronograph is weighty, like any good watch should be, and I think it's fresh and versatile. Pair it with the watch roll from earlier in the list to keep the theme going!

Kiehls x Faile Gift Sets- I'm a HUGE fan of Kiehls. I use their moisturizer religiously and Mike swears by their Age Defender series. Every year, Kiehls partners with Feeding America and a new artist to create a "Collection For A Cause". This year, they teamed up with Faile, an artist duo from Brooklyn.

100% percent of the proceeds from these gift sets go to Feeding America, a hunger organization whose network of food banks battles food insecurity across the nation. Did you know 1 in 8 people struggle with hunger in the U.S.? 

Every dollar of your purchase buys 11 meals for people in need. The design this year actually shows how many meals each set provides. The one shown here is equal to 415 meals!! So with your gift to one person, you are actually giving to 416 people! That just makes everyone feel great! 

Kiehls is donating up to $100,000 this year to Feeding America through these gifts. 

Holiday Gift Guide
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