Otter Review: Alterna Haircare

I'm bringing back a series I started last fall, #OtterReview, and hoping to make it a weekly blog post. This week it's all about shampoo! Most of the questions I get on social media are about my hair routine and I read a study recently that says haircare is the fastest growing grooming search topic on Google. Guys care about their hair. They want to look great and don't want to lose it as they get older! The key to that is proper haircare!! 

The Modern Otter | Alterna Haircare #OtterReview

So here was my question: What's the deal with dry shampoo??

What is it? When do you use it? How do you use it? It is better than regular shampoo?

Just.... why?

I have friends who use it religiously. When I worked in an office, my coworkers would keep a bottle in their desk drawer and spray it in their hair before a meeting to "freshen up". I didn't get. So when Alterna Haircare reached out to partner on this post, I jumped at the opportunity to test it out for myself. I wanted to know what the hype was all about. 

The Modern Otter | Alterna Haircare #OtterReview
The Modern Otter | Alterna Haircare #OtterReview

I have learned there are two important factors to shampoo: ingredients and frequency.

1. Ingredients: Whether it's dry shampoo, regular shampoo or conditioner, you want a formula free of sulfates or parabens. If your shampoo has too many chemicals (colors, soaps, things you can't pronounce...), it will strip your hair of all of it's natural oils and dehydrate your hair and scalp. Alterna Haircare's entire Caviar Collection is free of sulfates and is specifically formulated to address chemical, environmental and natural aging. Plus, it legit has caviar extract in it. How fancy?! Caviar extract happens to be a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are a hell of a lot better for your hair than sulfates. They enrich rather than strip.

2. Frequency: It's important not to OVER shampoo. I was only using shampoo twice a week before I tried out the Alterna's dry shampoo. The oils that build up in your hair over time are good for your hair. If you shampoo every day, you'll strip your scalp of everything good. In combination with hair dryers, aggressive styling, etc. you'll end up losing your hair faster. My routine: shampoo twice a week, condition once a week, and use dry shampoo periodically during the day if my hair needs a freshen up (usually before going out at night when I don't want to shower again). 

The Modern Otter | Alterna Haircare #OtterReview

Dry shampoo is also the perfect product if you have curly hair and wash your hair less often. A friend of mine has super curly hair and says it turns into a giant poof ball anytime he uses shampoo. Dry shampoo was made for him!! It won't turn your hair into a poof and it will eliminate excess oil. It's not a full on replacement for shampoo, but it really does the trick. 

I'm about to turn 30, so haircare is becoming an increasingly important concern for me. I don't wanna lose it!! Just like my skin, I'm paying closer and closer attention to what I use. Alterna Haircare, and their anti-aging haircare line is where it's at. Lord knows I slather any cream labeled anti-aging all over my face, but it's time to really look at your hair routine too. ;)

Any suggestions on what to review next?! I'm thinking masks.... but let me know in the comments below! 


*This post is in partnership with Alterna Haircare, all thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. 

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