Survival Kit

The Modern Otter | Survival Kit

Skin care is no joke! I need a survival kit just to save face every day.

I picked up a few refills the other day to stock my pack and thought i'd give you a run down of my bare necessities. Take note, these are life savers!! 

Izola shave kit - Water resistant coating on the inside, World War II med kit design on the outside. It's an all around solid men's dopp kit. Something every guy needs.

Tangle Teezer compact groomer - This sleek little groomer keeps my hair on point all day long. It comes with a cover to protect the teeth so you can throw it in any bag and whip it out before an afternoon photo shoot (or keep it in your desk at work). And It's chrome, so it's just cooler than whatever comb you're using right now. 

HYD For Men buffer stick - I am obsessed with this stick!! I have to exfoliate my skin almost daily. My pores are no joke... But this little guy makes it super easy! It's like a deodorant stick you rub on your face. Pop the cap off, twist it up and rub-- Clear skin in seconds.

Baxter of CA facial scrub - This is for those times when my buffer stick isn't enough. This facial scrub will make my skin look brand new. Once or twice a week for deep pore cleansing. 

Kiehl's facial fuel - After all that exfoliating, you have to moisturize. Otherwise your skin will dry out, crack, peel, and age. Moisturizer brings life back into your face and Facial Fuel is the best. It's like the foundation of my survival kit.

Kiehl's eye alert - I'm not in college anymore. Staying up past 11 means crazy dark circles under my eyes the next morning. Remedy: a bottle of water and Eye Alert. Both help with the circles and those wrinkles that are starting to form at the corner of my eyes.... (which I am not going to talk about)

Damn Handsome lip balm -  Damn Handsome takes the beer hops from breweries and turns them into grooming products. This lip balm is unscented, but a lot of their products have a great herbal, spicy musk to them. I love how thin this case is too. It's barely noticeable in your pocket.


Got any life savers I'm missing?? Comment below with your survival grooming gear!

Aaron Wester