Paper Thin

The Modern Otter | Uniqlo
The Modern Otter | Uniqlo Jacket
The Modern Otter | Uniqlo Jacket

It's 90 degrees. Humid. Cloudy. Scattered showers. The only outfit that makes sense is a tank top and a rain jacket. 

At least in my opinion... I suppose you could carry an umbrella or something... But if the sun suddenly comes out, whose over prepared now!?!

A lightweight jacket though. Paper thin, like this one from Uniqlo. You can push the sleeves up or shed it easily and not be weighed down. 

I have two key style tricks in the Summer:

1) Either wear lightweight layers or

2) add texture (it will give your look dimension without extra layers- think basic tee with patterned shorts) 

This is an example of #1, obviously. And this is an example of #2. 

The sun did come out, and so did my shoulders!! Mother Nature can't play games with my heart. <3 

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Aaron Wester