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I’m a Pinterest addict. 

Before each season, I add like 1,000 new pins to my Menswear board. It’s where I draw style inspiration, plan out looks and trends I’d like to try, and find new brands. It’s my ever-changing mood board. And it’s not just for scrapbooking moms. If you’re not on the Pinterest train, you’re missing out. 

I don’t just use it for style though. I have boards for interior design, womenswear, even my upcoming wedding (it’s over a year from now… so let’s not get excited). 

That’s how I stumbled on to Minted

I was looking for inspiration for my #OtterOffice and I fell in love with a few watercolor paintings I saw in a pin. They were a beautiful mixture of color and texture. Exactly what I needed to bring some color into my office. So I dig some digging and found out they were from! And it’s literally my new favorite site. 

"Our purpose in life is to uncover exceptional design from all over the world and bring this to savvy consumers who won't accept anything else.”  <— the Minted mantra

Essentially, they partner with independent artists all over the world and allow you to customize their artwork for your home. You can pick out the size of the piece, what it’s printed on, how it’s mounted and the material of the frame. You can build an entire digital gallery wall prior to purchasing and they even have designers on hand to help you create a custom look for your home. It’s pretty rad.

Minted | The Modern Otter
Minted | The Modern Otter
Minted | The Modern Otter
Minted | The Modern Otter

They do a lot more than just framing too. You can order home goods, pillows, holiday decor… there’s even a wedding section, and it’s all designed by independent artists. You get a little certificate of authenticity and a biography about the artist behind the piece you purchased. 

I’m listing the links to these pieces below. Minted just came out with a few different mounting options so I was sure to get a range when putting together my gallery wall. The drawing of the man is floating in the middle of the frame. The smallest one has a white matte and the largest one bleeds all the way into the frame, which let’s the watercolor really pop out at you. 

I’m not a gallery wall expert, but I know a guy who is! Check out Will Taylor from Bright Bazaar. He literally writes books on the topic. He just wrote about how to hang a gallery wall on exposed brick in his latest blog post (an obstacle I wish I had), but check out this post and this one for tips on how to curate and hang a traditional gallery wall. 

I had a field day rummaged through the Minted artwork library, putting together my office. Let me know if you find any fantastic pieces! I already have ideas for redoing my living room! I’m thinking all black and white. I guess I’ll have to scope out some inspiration on Pinterest first. ;P

Minted | The Modern Otter
Minted | The Modern Otter


-Large watercolor above desk: cera no 1 by Kelly Ventura

-Drawing of man: Drawing 369 - Standing Man by Derek overfield

-Small bright blue watercolor: Fleeting Light by Julia Contacessi

-Circle print: from my friend Peter Alwast

-Large square watercolor: A Hushed Evening by Renee Anne


*This post is in partnership with Minted. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. 

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