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Masc for Mask | The Modern Otter

I didn't really start taking care of my skin till a few years ago (the blog was a huge motivator), but I'm happy to say my skin is softer, cleaner and brighter than ever. I just pray all this work will keep the crows feet at bay....

Developing a daily skincare routine is vital to looking great every day, but for today's #OtterReview post, we're focusing on one of my weekly routines: face masks. 

There are a million masks on the market, so it's difficult to tell which ones work and which ones are gimmicks. Those black plastic looking masks that peal the blackheads off your face were a huge trend recently and looked really cool... till that article came out saying they're horrible for you and rip an entire layer of skin off your face.

Like, what?!? NOPE.

I'm fortunate to have a few friends at skin care brands which focus on the health of your skin over anything else. I use a face mask one to two times a week (depending on how grimy my skin gets). After I shot the photo above, my skin was like a baby's ass. SO SMOOTH. It's not really necessary to wear 4 different masks at once, but it makes for a great Lion King cosplay.

Masc for Mask | The Modern Otter

Here are my 4 favorite face masks you should check out:

  • Baxter of California Clay Mask: This is like your standard, go-to mask. It has clay and avocado oil and is great for removing grime and clearing away dead skin. You'll feel fresh, like you should after a mask.
  • Kiehl's Energizing Radiance Masque: The definition of 'nature based skincare', this one has cranberry extract in it and is slightly gritty. It's designed to brighten your skin, but the grittiness is a great exfoliant. I glob it on heavy! Their whole line up masks are pretty great and all smell amazing.
  • Lab Series Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask: This is the bright blue one on my forehead. It's fun looking, but it actually works too! This one dries a bit quicker than the others, so it's super easy.
  • Clinique Pore Refining Charcoal Mask: I use this one the most often. I like exfoliants and masks with activated charcoal in them because they leave my skin super soft. This one is particularly great at cleaning out the pores on my nose and t-zone. 


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