Love is Love- The Origins of "The Modern Otter"

The Modern Otter | Pride2016
Keep Calm I'm An Otter
OTTER: (noun) A skinny, usually hairy, gay man. 
"That otter found his mate at Pride."
Keep Calm I'm An Otter
Keep Calm I'm An Otter
Keep Calm I'm An Otter
Keep Calm I'm An Otter
Keep Calm I'm An Otter

I often get asked what the title of my blog means. The Modern Otter?

People assume I really like semiaquatic mammals. Or I'm making a reference to evolution. Or it's just some inside joke I spun into a blog name. It is catchy, after all.

Although otters (the animal) are super cute, it has nothing to do with them! 

I'm gay. And within the LGBTQ+ community, there are different terms we use to define ourselves. Sub-categories within a minority. We use them to create social constructs, navigate romantic relationships and build up and define our community. They're also super cute! 

I mean, we have: bears, otters, wolves, foxes, cubs, pups... and even sub-categories within those: polar bears, black bears, panda bears.

If you're completely unfamiliar with gay slang and terminology, there's a whole Gay Slang Dictionary to help you out. And trust me, there's terms on there I haven't even heard. 

I was telling my friend Zoe about all the different names around the same time I was looking for a blog title. She suggested I do something around "Otter". It's cute, catchy and speaks to my identity, so why not use it?! 

The Modern Otter evolved out of that conversation. 

It can mean whatever you want it to mean. In my eyes, this blog represents the modern gay man. I try to be accessible, open, in-the-know, savvy and (frankly) totally domesticated. My fiancé takes all of my photos. We travel together, but are almost always in bed by 10pm. I often blow off parties to watch Netflix. We cook, we do home improvement projects.... basically "modern" in the sense that we are like everyone else. Sometimes boring, but always up for an adventure! 

I am proud!

I am proud to be an open gay man in our world today. That I am able to be a proud open gay men.

Excited that my part time blog has grown into a full on career! That I am allowed to have this amazing creative outlet. And so incredibly grateful to you for reading and supporting my dream!! Thank you! 

Now more than ever it's important to show your colors. Be proud! Love one another!

Love is love, after all. 


"Keep Calm I'm an Otter" tee / Parke and Ronen shorts / American Apparel socks / Common Projects sneakers / Rayban sunglasses



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