Father's Day Finds

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is the perfect day to celebrate the man that helped guide and shape you into the person you are today, but Dads are the most difficult people to shop for!!

Power tools are a tired Dad gift, and I can only give him so many bottles of wine before we all get bored. So for today's post, I partnered with Single Edition Media to highlight some Father's Day gifts you may not have thought about!! From practical to fun, it's a pretty comprehensive list. Check em out below and let me know what cool Dad gifts we may have missed!!

Father's Day Gift Guide
Father's Day Gift Guide

You probably bought your mother a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day. Well, this is the Dad equivalent!! This Fruit & Fire Bouquet from Edible Arrangements is a combo of fresh fruit and chocolate and comes in a little grill container! It's the perfect gift because everyone can enjoy it and it's the perfect addition to a buffet table at a BBQ. Edible Arrangements even does same day delivery if you're behind the game! Use code 'BLOG6717' at checkout for $10 off $50+ purchase (valid through 6/18)!

Shop the full assortment here!


My parents have a record player in their living room that they play non-stop! They're always on the hunt for new records, but really only look in antique stores.

I think music is a fantastic gift to give Dad because it plays into something he is already passionate about! Thanks to Universal Music Group, I found a couple of his favorite artists: Johnny Cash and Stevie Wonder. We're going to amp the cool factor in his collection. ;)

Shop their whole collection of records on Amazon! 

My Dad does a lot of yard work at home. My parents have a GIANT garden, so it can be some pretty sweaty business. This crewneck tee from Arctic Cool has technology in the fabric that instantly wicks moisture away from the body and then disperses it throughout the fibers so all areas stay equally dry. The whole shirt cools down to 30 degrees cooler. That's pretty cool!

Shop the instant cooling shirt here!

Did you know heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the US? Stroke is No. 3.

Heart health at any age is important, but particularly for our older Fathers. This little Kardia Mobile device from AliveCor attaches to the back of your phone, letting you to get an FDA-cleared, clinical grade EKG reading in 30 seconds. The app tracks 5 different risk factors for stroke, so this is a great (and practical) gift if your Dad is health-conscious. 

Shop the device and read more about it here!

Last but not least, give Dad a little leg up on his hairstyle with Hard Up gel from Sexy Hair. It holds all different hair types and doesn't flake. I'd recommend he put a small amount in when his hair is still wet for a more refined look.

Put this together with a few other pieces on this list for a total Dad-makeover package. ;)

Shop the Hard Up gel here!

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