The Modern Otter | #mensstyle #uniqlo #mensfashion #whitedenim #summerstyle
The Modern Otter | #mensstyle #uniqlo #mensfashion #whitedenim #summerstyle
The Modern Otter | #mensstyle #uniqlo #mensfashion #whitedenim #summerstyle
The Modern Otter | #mensstyle #mensfashion #uniqlo #whitedenim #summerstyle

Sometimes you get a little bored with your denim and decide you want to cut holes in them... Totally cool. It's a trend, run with it.

Just don't go overboard!

I barely distressed this pair of white denim. Just a hole on the knee and some fraying on the other leg. I'm sure I'll go back soon and add more, I just know how quick denim holes can grow. Before you know it your entire leg is hanging out and you're cutting them into booty shorts. 

When distressing, keep in mind where denim would actually wear down over time. A hole on the knee is natural, a hole on your ankle is not. Look at your favorite pair of denim that's already worn down and take it one step further. Pockets, thighs and knees are all fair game. 

You need three tools to distress denim: scissors, sandpaper and a cheese grater.  

Yup. Cheese grater! If you take a large gauge cheese grater to the thigh of your denim, it will create a natural fraying pattern, and eventually a hole. Just don't try it while you're wearing the denim!! Hands down the best tool for the job.

The sandpaper is great for distressing pockets and seams. The scissors are to cut giant holes in your knee, obviously.

Every hole and fray you make will get bigger over time, so like I said, don't go overboard right away. Do some grating and see how you feel after a couple wears. You can always add more holes, you can't add more fabric (well you can... but that's a whole other post and patches are a pain in the ass to apply...).  

We're going for naturally worn here, nothing crazy, but you do you.  

Got any tricks I don't know about?? Leave them in the comments below! 


Aaron Wester