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10 Affordable Suede Jackets | The Modern Otter

Suede jackets are freakin expensive!! Leather jackets are even crazier. 

I love suede as much as the next guy, but I'm not going to run out and spend $1,000+ on a suede jacket (especially considering how many coats are currently in my closet #bloggerproblems). 

The problem is, faux suede tends to look cheap. It's shiny and flimsy. Real suede holds it's shape. It's slightly rigid, unlike that micro-suede-poly-blend nonsense. There is a huge difference!  

Somewhere in between the expensive suede and the cheap faux stuff, there is a fine niche in the market of affordable real suede jackets. The trucker jacket I'm wearing only cost me $100!! Granted, I bought it 50% off at Express during their after-Christmas sale, but I get a million compliments on it and it's one of my favorite jackets. My grey suede biker is from H&M and cost like $150. It looks a hell of a lot more expensive than it actually was.

And that's the science of suede. You want something that LOOKS expensive, but wasn't.

10 Affordable Suede Jackets | The Modern Otter
10 Affordable Suede Jackets | The Modern Otter

I scoured the internet for you and compiled a list of affordable suede jackets! The most expensive one is $237, and most of them are on super-sale right now. They're from brands I know will produce great looking suede (you have to be careful with some of the stuff on ASOS... not all of them look this good). Rest assured these styles will hold up.


10 Affordable Suede Jackets | The Modern Otter

If you're looking to invest a little more in a name brand and want to take advantage of a current sale, check out REISS. They're up to 60% off original price right now, so you can nab a beautiful green suede for $350.   



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10 Affordable Suede Jackets | The Modern Otter

Want to see more round ups of affordable fashion staples?!? Let me know in the comments below! 

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