A Lesson In Exfoliating

*This post is written in partnership with Nion Beauty. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own, as always. 


We talk about the importance of exfoliating our faces, but what about our bodies? Did you know our bodies generate 8 pounds of dead skin every year? That’s super gross, and begs the question, are you cleansing your body enough every day? 

K-Beauty brands are known for leading the way in all things skincare, and for today’s post, I’m diving into Nion Beauty’s cleaning brushes. Their assortment of brushes are made out of a mineral-infused, antimicrobial silicone that generates negative ions. The “S-ion” technology (as they have dubbed it), combats toxins in the skin, while the silicone is a hell of a lot softer than a traditional cleansing brush.

Nion | The Modern Otter
Nion | The Modern Otter
Nion | The Modern Otter
Nion | The Modern Otter

Another thing to know: the brushes vibrate, rather than scrub back and forth like a traditional cleansing brush. They do that so they don’t strip away natural oils from your skin. Totally not something I would have thought of, but I’m way into it. They feel really cool on your skin when you’re cleansing and don’t feel so abrasive.  

I use their Opus Luxe facial brush with my Aesop Fabulous Facial Cleanser, and then use the Opus Body in the shower and tub with my usual body wash. It replaces my luffa and is waterproof, so it’s perfect! 


P.s. How cute are these Opus 2Go disposable exfoliating facial brushes? They’re easy to throw in my dopp kit and I won’t feel as bad when I inevitably leave one in a hotel shower.  ;)

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