15 Brands Donating to LGBTQ+ Organizations with Their Pride Collections

*Thumbnail Image Credit: Parke and Ronen

Happy Pride Month!

Since marriage equality passed in 2015, more and more companies are releasing Pride Collections each year. While it's incredible to see them show support for the LGBTQ+ Community, I find myself questioning which ones are using their influence to affect real change and which ones are just doing it to appear progressive and accepting to their customer base.

Is a rainbow tee their way of tapping into a new profit stream?

Now, ordering an 'Equality' tee off a random site on the internet isn't the "wrong way to show Pride", because there isn't a wrong way, but I thought it would be great to highlight some brands that are going above and beyond by donating proceeds from their Pride Collections to LGBTQ+ organizations. If you're shopping for something cute to wear to the Pride march (or any other occasion this year), it'd be extra amazing if your money was also going to support an LGBTQ+ organization. Right?

Did you know you can set up your Amazon account to donate a portion of your purchases to a charity of your choice? I have mine set to donate to The Trevor Project. Just go to smile.amazon.com and choose your charity rather than shopping on the regular Amazon site.

If you can, donating your time or money directly to an organization is a fantastic way to help. It's also important to shop directly from LGBTQ+ artists, creators and business owners. There are so many incredibly talented people in the community and you can affect real change on a local level. 

Scroll through the list below and click on any of the images to shop these cool Pride Collections. 

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